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Virginia Homicide Investigators Association

‚ÄčWho We Are:  The Virginia Homicide Investigators Association (VHIA) is a non-profit association.  The VHIA was formed in 1993 by a group of dedicated homicide detectives to establish esprit d'corps among  criminal justice professionals within the Commonwealth of Virginia and nationally relating to death investigations.  The VHIA provides a forum to discuss and exchange information related to homicide case management and operational strategy,  as well as the latest advancements in forensic science and laboratory technologies.  The VHIA  provides training in the form of seminars and conferences and instructional courses for detectives, investigators, crime scene personnel  and other criminal justice personnel involved in death investigations.  We are a member of the International Association of Homicide Detectives.

Training: The VHIA offers training and seminars related to death/homicide investigations to include interviews and interrogations, initial response to homicide scenes, crime scene investigations/forensics and many other homicide related courses.  Requests for training should be directed to Detective Derek Hardy, Training Director.

Sponsorship: The VHIA welcomes companies and organizations who would like to provide sponsorship for conferences, seminars and training classes to please contact us to learn how your company or organization can assist the VHIA with its law enforcement training programs.  The VHIA is a non-profit organization which relies solely on membership dues and registration fees to cover costs associated with these types of training.  We are open to providing space on our website for advertising, table space at conferences and training seminars for your company displays.  If this sounds interesting to your organization, please contact Ronnie Young to discuss how your company can assist the VHIA with its law enforcement training programs in the future.