Virginia Homicide Investigators Association

VHIA "Homicide Investigator of the Year"

Since the inception of the VHIA in 1993, the principal goal and responsibility of the organization has been to provide training and a forum for the exchange of information between all professionals involved in the investigation of death and other violent crimes.  An extension of that responsibility has become the recognition of those exceptional persons who receive the VHIA's annual award as "Homicide Investigator of the Year".  Up to three awards in this category are awarded each year in conjunction with work done leading to the closure of a specific homicide case within the past year. 

VHIA "Lifetime Achievement Award"

The VHIA recognizes that certain individuals are deserving of a special award to be called the VHIA "Lifetime Achievement Award".  This award is not intended to be taken lightly or presented each year. On occasion, after nomination and unanimous election by the VHIA Board of Directors, this award will be presented to an individual who is involved in death investigation and who has, in the eyes of the VHIA Board of Directors, over an extended period of time, continually and consistently made significant contributions in the specific area of expertise, has furthered the goals of the VHIA, and has promoted professionalism throughout the law enforcement community.